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Welcome to the MINT Project page.

What is MINT?

MINT allows a network engineer to easily set up multicast sources and receivers to test a multicast network's ability to send and receive packets. It is particularly useful in lab environments.

What will MINT be?

With the help of the open source community MINT will evolve into a full featured packet generation utility. It currently generated UDP multicast packets. It will eventually support packet generation for IPv4 unicast TCP and UDP packets with QoS tags, IPv4 multicast, and IPv4 multicast PGM packets as well making it a complete replacement for TTCP with many new options.

What will MINT not be?

For Sale. MINT was originally developed by the Illinois Century Network and donated to the open source community. It is distributed under the Gnu Public License and therefore will never be sold. If it is being sold or distributed without the source please let us know.

How do you get MINT?

You can download MINT from our project page on Source Forge.

How can I help develop MINT?

MINT needs help in many different ways. You don't have to be an expert programmer to help with MINT, although we need those too. We need people to package MINT for various platforms, write documentation for MINT, test MINT, etc. If you would like to help please download the source code and check it out. If your still interested please send me an email.